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Family company

We have been operating on the Slovak construction industry since 1990. During its operation we have gradually developed from a small family company into one of the most successful construction companies in Slovakia with hundreds of successfully completed projects of various types and complexity according to the client's requirements. 

However, we continue to maintain the family character of the company. The excellent results we have achieved are mainly due to our professional employees, whom we strive to support in their further professional training. Here they will find the opportunity for professional development and growth, as well as a stable working background. DYNAMIK can thus continue to progress thanks to them.

As we say
"We look for solutions where others have only excuses"

Who we are?

In a family atmosphere, we have grown into one of the most important construction companies in Slovakia with branches in the Czech Republic and Serbia. We know that the sustainable development of the entire company and the satisfaction of our clients is primarily the result of the professional work of our entire team.






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Construction production

DYNAMIK CONSTRUCTION is construction production division carries out the construction of industrial, administrative and residential buildings throughout Slovakia and abroad. We are one of the general contractors of several of the largest construction projects in Slovakia. Thanks to many years of experience, we are a reliable and sought-after partner in the construction industry. By being active in various spheres of the construction industry, we are able to provide turnkey construction delivery or design and build implementation.


Everything for building

The activities of the DYNAMK TRADING division are united under the heading Everything for Building. Through the largest building materials store in Nitra, it covers retail and wholesale, where, in addition to building materials, there is also a roofing centre, the largest bathroom studio in Nitra, a kitchen studio and a building tools store under one roof. The business activity is complemented by the most modern concrete plant in the Nitra region, through which we are able to provide delivery of materials for construction throughout Slovakia.

Transport and construction mechanisms

DYNAMIK TRANS is transport division and provides a wide range of services in the field of transport of various types of construction materials, as well as services provided by special construction machinery and construction machinery of top quality, including the rental of these mechanisms. Thanks to our extensive and constantly upgraded fleet, we are able to ensure the implementation of several projects simultaneously.

Real estate development

Within the DYNAMIK holding we are also involved in real estate development through our separate REAL ESTATE DEVELOPMENT division. This is mainly in the area of real estate market, development of administrative premises, various larger projects such as industrial and logistics halls, as well as urban planning solutions for larger territorial units or industrial parks. 

The main thing milestones

The history of DYNAMIK dates back to 1990, when it was founded by a natural person under the name Ing. Vladimír Vikor DYNAMIK, construction company
Purchase of land in Zobori and relocation of the company (opening of buildings, workshops, transport)
Opening of the hardware store LV - FACH on Staničná street in Nitra

Start of operation of the concrete plant

Opening of the PROFISTAV construction site in Trnava on Hornopotočná street
Opening of construction sites in Krškany in rented premises
Establishment of the company DYNAMIK s.r.o. - construction activity
Purchase of land on Štúrová street in Nitra, moving

Relocation of the Trnava construction company PROFISTAV to newly built premises on Bratislavská street
Sale of hardware store LV - FACH
Opening of newly built buildings in Krškany
Transformation of the company into DYNAMIK HOLDING, as, creation of subsidiaries - a new history of DYNAMIK began to be written

Establishment of VBC NITRA, s.r.o

Purchase of the building of the former Earthworks
Completion of the development project - 40 apartments in the DYNAMIK apartment building - Zobor in Nitra
Completion of the VBC NITRA development project
Completion of the development project - construction of the DYNAMIK housing complex, 2nd stage
Introduction of the management system (standards) OHSAS 18 001:2007

20th anniversary of the company's founding
25th anniversary of the founding of the company

Career in DYNAMIK

Be part of our team and build great things with us. We have built a DYNAMIK team of professionals who are united by passion, responsibility, the desire to grow professionally and the desire to achieve the highest goals.

And we are looking for other new colleagues to join us in construction unique projects. If you want to be part of the growing DYNAMIK family, take a look at the opportunities available to you.

How does work with us looks like?

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