Personal data protection

The website operator does not collect personal data that could identify a specific person, unless a person voluntarily provides this data to the operator.

Such data may be obtained if a person voluntarily registers to use the services of this website. Any personal data identifying a particular person will not be provided or sold to any third party, unless the user is notified of it at the time of data collection.

The website operator reserves the right to conduct user behavior analyses on its website. These analyses include, for example, measuring traffic and tracking user behavior on the website. This data may be available to potential advertisers, but always in the form of a statistical report, not specifically.

By using this website, the users acknowledge and agree that the data that they voluntarily provide to discussion forums or other automatically generated sites may be used by a third party. Such use of information/data can not be controlled and the website operator does not assume any responsibility for it.

By using this website, the users acknowledge that some user information may be automatically collected during standard server operations (e.g., IP address of the user) and also when using cookies (small text files that are stored on a user’s computer for the purpose of identifying or authenticating the user, or the functioning of e-commerce). Cookies are not programs that could cause damage to the user’s computer.

The website operator reserves the right to withdraw from the guarantee of safe handling of customers’ personal data in case that a server is attacked by an unknown offender (hacker). In such a case, the above rules for handling data do not apply.

At the request of the user, the website operator undertakes to takes all financially reasonable steps to remove any personal data of that user.

These terms apply from 01.01.2016.