DYNAMIK Building Holding

DYNAMIK is a company, which is engaged in building production, transport services, sales of building materials, transport concrete production, investment and real estate activities. Since 1990, it has been offering customers everything necessary for the complete implementation of construction projects.

Over time, the company developed a qualified team of professionals, who are trained in various fields of construction. DYNAMIK HOLDING covers complete supply of construction work from the foundations up to the roof. Through active involvement in various areas of construction, the company can arrange delivery of turnkey projects and implementation in the form of design and build.

The main goal of the company is to satisfy customers’ expectations by providing the highest quality of services. The company is also able to respond to the most demanding requirements of customers. It is able to ensure smooth running of challenging projects also thanks to its large fleet of vehicles and construction machinery.

With its activities, DYNAMIK Building Holding covers the entire territory of the Slovak Republic and it is a sought-after partner. During high season in the construction industry, the company works on projects across Slovakia by means of more than 700 people. 

In a supplement to the professional TREND Magazine - TOP 100 for 2018, DYNAMIK Building Holding was ranked on the 13th place among other companies focusing on building construction. Among all companies in the overall ranking of the largest building companies in Slovakia, DYNAMIK HOLDING Inc., was ranked on the 7th place. These excellent achievements have ranked the company among the top companies operating in the construction industry in Slovakia. 

DYNAMIK Building Holding currently conducts its business through the following companies, which it covers since 2005: 

  • VBC NITRA, Ltd.

These companies are organizationally integrated into various divisions (according to specialization on specific services and activities), ensuring that DYNAMIK Building Holding is able to provide prompt solutions concerning delivery of materials, construction equipment and cars for various projects. That’s why today, it is able to build much cheaper and faster compared to its competitors. 

Division of Building Production

DYNAMIK Building Holding implements the construction of industrial, administrative and residential buildings throughout the Slovak Republic, through one of its companies, DYNAMIK CONSTRUCTION Ltd., which falls under the Division of Building Production.

Trading Division

DYNAMIK Building Holding covers the whole territory of the Slovak Republic and is, thanks to its long-term experience, a sought-after partner in the construction industry. The company operates in the retail trade through the largest building material store and a bathroom showroom in Nitra. The company expands its business activities through a reconstructed concrete plant in Nitra. Through its active involvement in the trading division of the construction industry, it is able to arrange the supply of building materials for your building. 

Division of Transport and Construction Machinery

Through DYNAMIK TRANS Ltd., the holding provides for its customers and other members of the holding:

  • Extensive services in the field of transport of goods and materials
  • Services provided by special construction machinery
  • Rental of construction machinery
  • Activities carried out by DYNAMIK Building Holding

Division of Real Estate Development

DYNAMIK Building holding is also actively involved in real estate development. It operates on the real estate market, in the development of office premises, industrial and logistics halls or urban design of larger territorial units or industrial parks.

Certificates and approvals

DYNAMIK Construction Holding has been awarded with a variety of internationally recognized certificates:

  • STN EN ISO 9001: 2016/EN ISO 9001:2015
  • STN EN ISO 14001:2016/EN ISO 14001:2015
  • STN OHSAS 18001:2009
  • STN ISO 10006:2004/ISO 10006:2003

DYNAMIK in numbers

The consolidated turnover of the DYNAMIK HOLDING Group in million EUR in the respective period.

Organizational structure