Concrete plant Nitra

Since 1994, the company DYNAMIK has been operating a central concrete plant at Šurianska road in Nitra. Production of concrete mixes in the plant is of a long-term tradition, which the company strives to develop continuously.

In 2015, the plant underwent extensive reconstruction and modernization, resulting in an output of 60 m3/1 hour. Transportation of concrete mixtures is provided by the company’s own concrete mixers with a capacity of 5, 6, 7 and 9 m3, making the plant one of the most advanced in the Nitra region.

The concrete plant offers basic and special types of concrete

Concrete is a material that belongs among the most important building materials. The concrete plant produces a wide range of different concrete mix grades and formulations. In addition to the basic range for use in less demanding conditions, the concrete plant also deals with the production of high-strength mixes intended for special uses.

Continual progress and growing demands on the concrete production technology justify the development of new kinds of special concrete. Therefore, the concrete plant continuously improves and expands its range of products for other special types of concrete.

Concrete production technology

Concrete is a building material that is formed by solidification of thoroughly blended mixture of aggregate, cement, water and chemical admixtures. 

A concrete plant for the production of concrete also needs:

  • Fine and coarse aggregates, complying with the requirements of technical standards,

  • Admixtures and building chemistry (for the concrete plant supplied by BETÓN RACIO, Ltd.).

High-quality concrete with certificates

All concrete products placed on the market comply with the requirements of the Law on Construction Products. Concrete mixes and screeds produced by the concrete plant are certified by the Technical and Testing Institute of Construction. Production at the operation is carried out in accordance with the corporate quality system based on the ISO 9001 standard. 

The concrete plant works closely with a limited company, BETÓN RACIO, which is a supplier of high-quality construction chemicals and concrete admixtures. All of these ingredients and admixtures are laboratory tested. 

Custom-made concrete

The concrete plant offers the possibility of production of concrete mixes according to own recipes and the use of bentonite in the production of concrete. If interested, please contact the staff of the concrete plant.

Concrete mixes



The Stetter H1-RS plant, built in 2015, serves as the production facility. This year, the plant has undergone a complete reconstruction, implemented by SCHWING STETTER. This high-performance equipment features a row stack for aggregates and a T 1000 mixing core.  The plant is equipped with advanced electronic systems for weighing all components, ensuring the accuracy and quality of the concrete mixed. Semi-automatic control system for producing concrete mixes provides a maximum output of 60 m3 per hour, which ensures continuous production of mixes.

Transportation of concrete from the plant to individual points of delivery or construction is provided by the company’s own concrete mixers.

Transportation of concrete mixes

Annual investment of the company in expanding its own fleet results in numerous building mechanisms of top quality. The plant provides for the transportation of concrete using its own concrete mixers. 


The concrete plant provides first-class services. It is able to adapt to all customers and if necessary, to open and deliver concrete mixes even outside the working hours.

Certificates and approvals

DYNAMIK Concrete Plant

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Slovak Republic
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